We have built our audience using Social Media. It can be an efficient way to market to people who like the type of music we play and the personalities that make the station sound so Boss! We count on Social Media to help spread our message to a world of music-loving fans.

We rely on Facebook to help us spread the word, and the only way to receive our posts in your Facebook News Feed is to Like our page. But even "liking" us won't ensure you receive our posts. That's because a lot of technical stuff behind the scenes decides what you see and what you don't on your feed. Below are some ways that we know of to increase the likelihood that you'll see our posts. We post a few things daily, pertaining to the station, the Boss artists, pop culture and even retro posts for your enjoyment and entertainment. We will NEVER post anything political in nature, or NSFW.

In addition to the tips below, remember that you can help increase your chances of receiving our posts when you regularly interact with them by liking, sharing and commenting. This shows the technical side of Facebook that you WANT to receive our posts. We appreciate you interacting with us just like we were another of your friends.

Check out this primer for each of the Facebook buttons on our Fan Page. If you have any questions about how to enhance your Boss Boss Radio experience with Facebook, OR if you are a Social Media consultant interested in volunteering a few tips that would help us maximize our Social Media marketing, please contact us by clicking the Feedback tab on the left of this page!
Make sure the Like Button in our Cover Photo is clicked and says "Liked." This is the most important step in making sure you get our posts. Go to our page by clicking here and make certain this button reads "Liked."

You can Follow our posts and set preferences using the Following drop down link.
If you want to see our posts first, click See First in the News Feed Options.

You can choose to receive notices or not by checking the Notifications options.


Help spread the word of Boss Boss Radio to your Facebook friends by clicking the Share button. Please write something nice too, if you would, such as how much you love listening to Boss Boss Radio!

This button will take you to our Listen Live player instantly, which will work on any device. Facebook doesn't offer customizable text for the "Call To Action" button, so Use App is the closest option available to listening live.

You can send us a Private Message anytime using the Facebook Instant Messenger button. Just another way to get in touch with us!
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